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Four Seasons Choir

四季合唱團成立於 1989 年,於 2002 年由混聲改為女聲合唱團。本團涉獵 曲目廣泛。團員們在親密友善的環境中研習音樂,不定期舉辦演唱會,並 於社區慶典及活動中配合演出。有興趣參加的新團員請致電

Established in 1989, Four Seasons has been bringing choral music through the ages, from China and Taiwan as well as other parts of the world, to the Pacific Northwest. In 2002 the group re-organized to include only women’s voices. Membership is open to musically inclined speakers of Mandarin Chinese. Participants survey music in a friendly environment and produce concerts or perform in festivals and community events.

指揮 Conductor: 陳杏蓁 Rebecca Wu
伴奏 Accompanist: 陳姿蓉 Irene Chen
團長 Manager: 李惠玲 Hui-Ling Lee
Rebecca Wu-photo_edited.jpg

指揮 Conductor :陳杏蓁 Rebecca Wu

陳杏蓁 Rebecca Wu 生於台灣一牧師家庭,接觸音樂便成為最自然與受祝福的成長過程! 畢業於台灣文化大學音樂系,主修聲樂及副修鋼琴,師承辛永秀老師學習聲樂及杜黑老師學習指揮。來美後跟隨鋼琴演奏家 Dr. Regina Yeh,學習鋼琴教學多 年。 三十多年來藉由指揮各級詩班,合唱 團體和音樂教學,讓她對音樂有著更 深入與不同之瞭解和領受。音樂乃成為她親近上帝,親近人的最美好祝 福! 她特別感謝家人長期的包容與支持,讓她得以持續透過音樂來榮耀 上帝!來美後,曾任西雅圖台語教會、西雅圖台灣教會、西雅圖台灣信義教會等 詩班指揮,並擔任銀髮族合唱團和融融合唱團指揮多年。目前從事鋼琴教學,並擔任貝城台灣教會聖歌隊指揮、活泉合唱團指揮。 她曾於 1999-2006 年擔任四季指揮。2018 年,四季合唱團有幸再度得到她的指 導,深感興奮與光榮。

Born to a pastor’s family in Taiwan, Rebecca found musical exposure the most natural and blessed part of growing up. Inspired by her renowned masters in university years including soloist Hsin Yongshiu, conductor Du Hei and pianist Dr. Regina Yeh in the U.S.A., she applies her special understanding in directing congregational and secular choirs and in teaching. Today, Mrs. Wu thanks her family for their continuous understanding and support, so she can “praise God” and “benefit humanity” through music, and also to pursue her dream of “rising to a higher level”. Rebecca conducted Rong-Rong Choir for more than 10 years since 2001. She also conducted Seattle Taiwanese’s Church choirs and Four Seasons Chorus. She is currently engaged in teaching piano and serves as the conductor of Bellevue Taiwanese Christian Church Choir and Living Streams Chorus. Rebecca was the conductor of Four Seasons Chorus in 1999-2006. To the greatest delight and honor of Four Seasons members, Rebecca returned in 2018 to lead us again.


四季合唱團-快樂的聚會 (邵族歌謠)


四季合唱團 團員 Choir Members:

鋼琴 Accompanist: 陳姿蓉 Irene Chen

陳姿蓉畢業於西雅圖華盛頓大學,雙修鋼琴與生化。她繼續修得鋼琴表演碩 士學位及完成表爾威高中管弦樂團和合唱團實習教學,取得音樂教師的合格 證書。 目前她任職於表爾威洛克威爾小學,為音樂專門教師,主持管弦樂團 和合唱團。除了鋼琴獨奏演出以外,姿蓉也以鋼琴配合其他樂器聯合演出,包括弦樂器、管樂器、 聲樂等等, 並參加地區性、全州性和全國性的比賽。她目前是四季合唱團的伴奏。 姿蓉也參加室內樂團,在婚禮和其他場合中演出。

Irene Chen graduated from the University of Washington with a double major in piano and biochemistry. She earned a Master’s degree in piano performance as well as music education teaching certification after completing her full-time student teaching with orchestra and choir at Bellevue High School. She is currently the music specialist as well as orchestra and choir director at Rockwell Elementary School. Besides performing solo repertoire, Irene is a collaborative pianist, accompanying a range of instruments, from strings and woodwinds to vocalists, for local competitions as well as at the state and national levels. She is currently the accompanist for Four Seasons Chorus. Irene also enjoys playing in chamber groups for weddings and other events.

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