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Church Choir

Living Stream Chorus

About Living Stream Chorus

Founded in September 2012, Living Stream Chorus aimed to foster friendship among fellow Taiwanese residents in Greater Seattle-Bellevue area through music. Our focus is mainly in choral music
by composers from Taiwan and other countries. We practice from 9:30 to 11:30 every other Thursday at Bellevue Taiwanese Presbyterian Church. We welcome new member singers! Webpage: Please contact chairperson Diana Chen Lin at 206-383-1965

Accompanist : Faith Lee

Faith was born in Taiwan and grew up in a Christian family. She is a life-long Christian since her father was a pastor. Faith started music, especially piano lessons early. At age 10, Faith moved to Japanwith her family due to her father’s work. Later, the family moved to the United States. Faith finished her high school and studied music at University of Texas, San Antonio. She has been giving piano lessons at home upon graduation. Faith is also active in church ministry and other choir groups outside the church.



活泉合唱團於2012年九月成立。希望通過音樂慰藉思鄉之情,增進同鄉間的情誼。主要演唱台灣作曲家的作品以及不同國家的合唱曲目。活泉合唱團網站 每月第一和第三個週四,早上九點半到十一點半,於西雅圖貝城台灣長老教會練習。歡迎愛唱歌的朋友一起加入!(請聯絡團長陳淑姿 206-383-1965)

活泉合唱團伴奏 李信靜:


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