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Keystone Hummingbirds Choir

Keystone Hummingbirds Choir 成立於2021九月,起初由西雅圖台灣基督教會兒童台語班的學生組成,年齡層從3歲到10歲不等,主要以推廣台語文化為出發點,學習台灣囝仔歌的聲韻與音調之美,並結合多方語言的歌曲,讓小朋友體驗各國不同的音樂風格。課程中透過肢體的律動、音樂遊戲來培養小朋友對歌唱的喜愛,讓孩子在互動的環境中建立專業的音樂基礎訓練及正確的歌唱技巧,也在每次的團體練唱和表演中,訓練小朋友的專注力、自信心、團隊合作與領導的能力。目前採線上教唱,歡迎有興趣的小朋友們一起來唱歌玩音樂,意者請聯絡


Keystone Hummingbirds Choir was formed in September 2021 by the students of Children’s Taiwanese School of Seattle Taiwanese Christian Church, with students’ ages ranging from 3 to 10 years old. The mission of Keystone Hummingbirds Choir is to inspire and foster children’s passion of singing by providing professional musical training and healthy vocal technique in an interactive educational environment, while promoting Taiwanese culture and the beauty of Taiwanese folk songs for children. Keystone Hummingbirds Choir empowers children to develop concentration, discipline, self-expression, teamwork, leadership, and self-confidence. We offer online courses now. If you like to experience the joy of singing, please contact Kuei-Fan at 

Keystone Hummingbirds Choir Members:



Kuei-Fan Lin Photo.jpg

指導老師Music Director:林桂帆 Kuei-Fan Lin

2014年取得亞利桑那大學作曲音樂藝術博士學位,師事Dr.Craig Walsh。主修作曲,師事陳永明教授、曾毓忠教授。在美期間,專研現代音樂及電腦音樂創作,電腦音樂作品常入選發表於各國際性電腦音樂研討會與學術活動及音樂節,其兩首作品亦收錄於義大利Città di Udine國際當代音樂創作比賽2010與2014決選作品CD專輯。曾任美國亞利桑那土桑女生合唱團與土桑男生合唱團的鋼琴伴奏。2017來到西雅圖後,曾任融融合唱團的鋼琴伴奏。現為綠韻合唱團、西雅圖台灣基督教會聖歌隊及Keystone Hummingbirds Choir 的指揮,也專注於音樂創作及鋼琴教學。其混聲合唱作品〈台灣台灣我所愛〉首演於2019台美人傳統週台灣音樂欣賞會。


Kuei-Fan Lin is a composer of acoustic and electroacoustic music. She loves to explore a variety of timbres from extended instrumental techniques and sonic sound worlds. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from National Taipei University of Education in Taiwan, and doctoral degree from The University of Arizona. She studied music composition with Dr. Yong-Ming Chen, Dr. Yu-Chung Tseng and Dr. Craig Walsh. Her music has been performed in numerous computer music conferences and festivals throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America. Her pieces were the finalists and have been selected to be included in the CD of the 8th &10th International Composition Competition "Città di Udine". Kuei-Fan was the accompanists for Tucson Girls Chorus and Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus. After moving to Seattle, she had been the accompanist for the Rong Rong Chinese Folk Choir. She is currently the choral conductor of Seattle Emerald Singing Group, Seattle Taiwanese Christian Church Choir and Keystone Hummingbirds Choir. She also engages in music composition and piano teaching. Her choral piece, Taiwan, Taiwan, My Beloved, was premiered in 2019 Seattle Taiwanese Heritage Week Music Appreciation Concert. 

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