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貓頭鷹室內合唱團The Singing Owls

貓頭鷹室內合唱團 Singing Owls

Based in Bellevue, The Singing Owls is a chamber choir of 10 members founded in 2020 during the COVID pandemic. Defying being forced into hiatus, the group held weekly online rehearsals and virtual singing. As members found each other frequently working till late at night, the name of Singing Owls emerged. Despite the difficulties in the process, the group produced a good number of audio and video recordings and found themselves growing eager to sculpt the Owls’ voice.

Led by Ms. Ya-Li Lee, the group’s repertoire covers periods spanning from medieval to present, genres ranging from early music chant, classical, traditional to popular tunes, and languages including Latin, English, Chinese, Taiwanese and Yoruba (Western African Language).


Currently the choir holds weekly rehearsals in person. Our immediate goals are to hold free recitals in communities, sooth and uplift our audience and to introduce Chinese choral works to the public.


As most members’ experience comes from singing in larger groups, re-calibrating our individual color to fulfill each one’s role in the small chamber ensemble became our current focus. So far, it has been a joyful and rewarding journey and, hopefully, it will lead to more happy discoveries. Please visit us at TheSingingOwls for more information.

室內合唱團 “The Singing Owls” 成立於 2020 年新冠疫情期間,共有 10 名成員,由李雅莉老師指導。在疫期裡,熱愛音樂的團員們不甘被迫中斷,於是孜孜不倦地在線上排練並虛擬演唱。大家經常努力到深夜,頻頻在網上討論到午夜後,因而我們自名為貓頭鷹團。儘管過程困難重重,我們還是製作了不少音頻和視頻,並發現自己更渴望塑造貓頭鷹的團音。


由於大多數成員的經驗來自大合唱團,我們目前練唱著重於重塑、發揮每個人在小室內樂團中的角色。到目前為止,這是個有收穫的旅程,希望能走得長遠、快樂。歡迎上 TheSingingOwls 網站,閱讀更多有關我們的消息。

貓頭鷹室內合唱團 團員 Choir Members:

徐瑞瑗 Diana Chen/李雅莉 Ya-Li Lee *

翁曉音 GraceLu/蘇蕙珠 Billie Shung

盧惠真 Jane Huang/張世珩 Kathy Tang

趙中和 Jerry Chao/林永龍 Calvin Ling

呂民健 Min-Jan Lu/熊文凱 Ken Shung

李雅莉 Yali Lee

指揮及創辦人: 李雅莉

李雅莉小姐以優異的成績畢業於台灣國立藝專與義大利雷史必基國立音樂學院,並且取得聲樂演唱家文憑。定居台灣時,她曾受聘於國立台灣藝術大學,國立花蓮師範大學,台中曉明女中和新民高中。自 2004 年定居西雅圖後,加入 Seattle St. James Cathedral 合唱團,擔任獨唱家, Cantor 和 Cantorei 的職務至今。曾經為知名女中音 Dolora Zajick 的獨幕歌劇 "Road to Zion”,以及新銳作曲家 Patrick Stoyanovich 的兩部清唱劇”聖女則季麗亞”和”耶穌臨終七言”,擔任第一女高音之角色。2018年她曾受 Philharmonia Northwest 邀請,在該團之福爾摩沙之音音樂會中,擔綱蕭泰然的鎮魂曲之女高音獨唱。資深的音樂評論家 Bernard Jacobson 在他的文章中如此寫道:”Ya-Li Lee, who had by far the largest assignment of three excellent soloists, has a fine voice and used it with skill and taste.” 李小姐曾經在 2017-2020 擔任融融合唱團指揮。2020年夏天創立西雅圖貓頭鷹室內合唱團,並擔任指揮及其聲樂指導。

Ya-Li Lee, founder and conductor of The Singing Owls Chamber Choir. Ms. Lee has performed extensively as soprano in the Pacific Northwest since relocating here in 2004. She was a featured soloist in "Brahms's Girls" with Gallery Concerts, the New Year's Eve Gala with St. James Cathedral Choir, the world premiere performances of a scene from the opera "Road to Zion" by Dolora Zajick, the St. Cecilia Cantata and "The Seven Last Words" by Patrick Stoyanovich. Most recently, Ms. Lee performed Taiwanese composer Tyzen Hsiao’s "Ilha Formosa" with Philharmonia Northwest and Debussy’s "La Damoiselle Elue" with The King’s High School Chamber Orchestra under Ms. Eun Hee Cho’s conducting. The noted music journalist Bernard Jacobson wrote: "Ya-Li Lee, who had by far the largest assignment of the three excellent soloists, has a fine voice and used it with skill and taste.” Ms. Lee received her musical training in Taiwan and Italy. She was the director of Rong Rong Chinese Folk Choir from 2017-2020. She is currently a soloist and cantor with the St. James Cathedral Choir.

鋼琴 Piano Collaborator:  林玉佩 Yuh-Pey Lin

林玉佩小姐來自台灣,於 2010 年在華盛頓大學獲取雙簧管演奏博士學位。林小姐目前在西雅圖演出及教學。在 Spiritus Winds 吹奏雙簧管,任教於 Northshore School District 以及 Bellevue 青少年管弦樂團,並擔任 Bellevue 青少年合唱團的伴奏。

Yuh-Pey Lin was born and grew up in Taiwan. In 2010, she earned a Doctor of Musical Arts in oboe performance at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Ms. Lin currently teaches music in the Northshore School District, coaches Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra, and plays the oboe in Spiritus Winds, a new wind quintet based in the Seattle area. She is also the piano accompanist for the Bellevue Youth Choir.

鋼琴 Piano Collaborator​: 葉妍君 Kay Yeh

成功大學建築系畢業,現於西雅圖華盛頓大學就讀鋼琴演奏博士班,師事教授 Robin McCabe。2015年,受到華盛頓大學管樂團指揮 Timothy Salzman 教授的邀請,擔任華大管樂團之鋼琴演奏者。2016年與華大管樂團共同演出荷蘭作曲家 Leo Smit 為鋼琴與管樂團所譜寫的協奏曲。同年夏天,受台灣嘉義市文化局與金龍文教基金會之邀,於嘉義市音樂廳舉辦鋼琴獨奏會,深獲好評。於2018年再度獲邀舉辦個人獨奏會。


Ms. Yeh is a piano soloist, collaborator, and accompanist. During her past few years in Seattle, she joined the UW Wind Ensemble as a pianist, and was invited by Cultural Affairs Bureau of Chiayi City, Taiwan, and Kin-Long Cultural and Educational Foundation, to give solo recitals at the Chiayi City Concert Hall in September, 2016 and August, 2018. Ms. Yeh earned her Master's degree in piano performance from the University of Washington in 2015, and is currently a DMA student under the tutelage of professor Robin McCabe. Prior to coming to Seattle to pursue her passion for piano, Kay’s creativity expanded to graphic design and illustration as she earned her Bachelor's degree in Architecture from National Cheng-Kung University in Taiwan.

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