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Story Time for the Whole Family in Chinese, Taiwanese, and English.



“The Beautiful Feet Series” - a collection of stories about Taiwan and heroes who made tremendous contribution to the society.  


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Special Thanks to 台灣使徒出版社 Apostle Publishing and 台灣基督長老教會總會 李位鼎牧師 The Presbyterian church in Taiwan Rev. Wei-ting Lee for providing precious materials in support of our Taiwanese American Heritage Celebration.


來去福爾摩沙 : 蘭大衛醫師的故事

Formosa, the Island My Father Had Never Been - The Story of Dr.Lan


愛的超能力 : 徐賓諾與紀歐惠

Superpowers Of Love - Bjarne Gislefoss and Alfhild Jensen


姆姆為什麼不來看我 : 石仁愛修女的故事

Why Does Mu Mu Not Come to See Me? - The Story of Sister Madeleine Severens


爲愛走過一山又一山 : 胡文池牧師的故事

Love on the Far Side of the Mountains - The Story of Reverend Hu Wen-Chi



Professor Hunter's Glass of Water


愛在公東 : 錫質平神父的故事

The Loving Work of Father Hilber



Hugh Ritchie Called for Life


一生的承諾 : 醫生牧師謝緯的故事

The Story of Rev. Dr. Hsieh Wei - A Lifelong Promise


五福臨門 : 陳五福醫師

Five Blessings upon the Door - The Story of Dr. Chen Wu-Fu

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